Efficient Practicing & Making Practicing Fun – Part One

First of all I would like to make a distinction between two basic terms and concepts: Practicing and Playing:

Practicing is usually working on something you haven’t done before or something you (still) need to perfect. Most of the time, Practicing does not sound nice; it is difficult and challenging; it needs concentration, patience and a lot of effort.

Playing on the other hand sounds good, is fun and does not require as much concentration. To put it in a nutshell: You usually play what you practiced before.
Progress is the result of facing and combating new challenges which seem very difficult or even impossible sometimes. Progress is often achieved by defeating the habitual impatience.

In my opinion practice sessions should reflect a good balance between Playing and Practicing.

To get started I recommend to Listen to some music first. Listen to something that inspires you and wants you to get better and play. Then continue with the Playing part of your session. Last but not least, enjoy some focused Practicing. In case you also like composing music you could give the practice session a creative finish by Writing some music.

Preview: Next time we will have a closer look into how to structure your practice session…

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